Loren Creedon, Midwife

About Loren Creedon, LMC

Lead Maternity Carer

Loren Creedon, Bachelor of Midwifery

Hi there! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

My name is Loren and I have worked as a registered midwife since 2008.

I am passionate and dedicated to providing nurturing and knowledgeable support to women, in a way that works for them and their families. Helping them become confident, well equipped mothers.

I have had the pleasure of working in many different locations around Canterbury, including Christchurch Women’s Hospital, Lincoln Maternity Hospital and Burwood Birthing Unit.

I am happy to support women to birth where they choose, whether that’s at home, primary unit or at Christchurch Women’s Hospital. I will provide honest, straight up, clear evidenced based information so that mothers are fully informed to make decisions that are best for them.

I pride myself on being open and supportive to all walks of life and cultures. I am open minded, vibrant, honest, embrace diversity, with a focus on integrity and safety.

I strive to ensure women feel relaxed, supported and safe throughout the entire journey of pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal. Whether it is your first time or you’re an experienced mother already, each pregnancy and birth comes as a unique experience and I would be honoured to share your journey.

A little bit about me… born in Christchurch, I have 2 children, aged 18 & 20 years.

In my spare time you will find me on the beach or with Netflix in hand, and I wear an excessive amount of purple and have a ridiculous amount of nail polishes in my collection!

Bachelor of Midwifery (2008)
Preceptorship for Midwives (2011)
Epidural certified (Current)

How to reach me;
Please call or text me on 021 176 6822

Clinic location
Our new antenatal clinic is conveniently located inside the Medical Centre at 23 Woodham Rd in Linwood.