Adrianne Maule, Midwife

About Adrianne Maule, LMC

Lead Maternity Carer

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

My name is Adrianne and I am a registered midwife and a mother of three darling daughters. I work within a practice of four other midwives who all aim to provide safe, supportive and individualized care throughout your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period.

I support women to birth where they feel the most comfortable, and when required work collaboratively with other medical professionals. I am passionate about midwifery and encourage information sharing to achieve individualised care. I have a clinic at Longhurst medical building in Halswell on a Thursday afternoon and Tuesday morning within Cashmere health in St Martins. Feel free to get in touch to meet and discuss how I can support you and your family at this special time.

How to Get Hold of Me

You can email, phone, text or fill in our enquiry form.